Saturday, March 2, 2013

a knock from the resident ghost

Credits: orig author

What I am about to tell you happened in one day.
It was in 1994 and I was in my
4th year in college. In that year,
I am already living with my late
grandparent's house. There
was only two of us staying in the old house, the male helper
and myself. Of course when it's
weekends I spend most of my
day in my girlfriend's house. I
always go home in the middle of
the night, sometimes much later. But one saturday night, I
went home like 11:45pm because
I need to watch late news for
my thesis. I have with me a voice
recorder and was recording
the news. After sometime, I heard knocks
at my door. I thought it was the
helper who was knocking just to
check if I am already home or
sometimes just to tell me that I
have phone calls from my parents who are staying in
Tarlac. I answered, "narito na
ako, naikandado ko na mga
pinto..." (I am already here, I
have locked all the doors in the
house.) But nobody acknowledged my response, so I
just kept on doing the
recording. After a moment
there was a knock at my door
again. So I asked this time if
there was a call from my parents. But nobody was
answering. I told to myself that
the next time he will knock again
I will immediately open the
door. And so it happened. This
time the knockings was a little louder. So what I did was the
moment I heard the knockings I
jumped off to my bed and grab
the doorknob. As I opened the door there was
no one outside my room. The
long hallway going to the dinning
area was empty and dark. I
called on to our helper as I was
heading to his quarter just beside the dinning area. As I got
to his place, I called on him once
again and there he was just
waking up from my call. I asked
him if he was the one knocking
my door but he said that he just woke up. Truly, he just woke up
because if he was the one
making a fool of me, he couldn't
get back that fast to his bed
and get inside to his "kolambo
"(mosquito net). When I got to his quarter, he was just waking
and the kolambo was still neatly
tucked in his bed mat. That is so
mind boggling. Annoyed, he asked me why I had
aroused him from his sleep. I
told him the story but does not
want to believe because we were
only two of us in the old house.
Until I realized that I was still holding the voice recorder and
played back what I have
recorded. There it was he
heard it crisp and clear. So, he
grab a bolo and went around the
house looking for some burglars that might have come
in. I was just by the dinning area
looking at him while he was
doing a search. As he came back
he told me that all the windows
and doors were shut and there was no way someone could
enter from the outside. That
was the time he got afraid and
told me what has happened to
him that mid noon of the same
day. He said that while alone
watching SST (a show hosted
by Randy Santiago) beside the
long dinning table, he saw one
tablespoon swinging by itself.
During that time, set of spoons, forks and cutleries were
hanged in a carousel-like
hangers. He said, that the weird
thing about it was that only one
tablespoon was swinging and
the other utensils were just hanging. There was no wind
coming from outside and he
was all alone at that time. He
said that he didn't mind what
was happening and kept on
watching the show. This time the spoon fell from the the hanger
and it was still swinging until it
fell to the floor. At that
instance he got pretty scared,
took the spoon from the floor,
turned off the TV and went out towards the garden. I got so
scared that night that I asked
him to sleep inside my room. I noticed that whenever the
ghost in our house would let
itself be felt, it would choose
the moments that you are not
scared or your mind was not
thinking of scary stuffs. There were lots of stories
behind our old house. Stories
we hear from our neighbors. I
think that the ghost in our
house has good intentions or
just guarding our house. We lived in a not so good
neighborhood. You know, were
you will hear that some other
house has been burglarized or
victimized by "akyat-bahay". But
since then until now, our house has been burglar-free. Nobody
seems to dare to bust in our
house especially at night. Even
our own neighbors has been
seeing white lady roaming our
garden during the night, or sometimes coming down from
the balcony stairs. I realized that the ghost in our
house, whoever it was is our
house guardian and is giving
luck to the house and it's
inhabitant. To our resident
ghost/ghosts, thank you for keeping us safe. And thanks to
God who are always loving and


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