Thursday, July 4, 2013

Love Keeps Going

"Do you know why I can't relax
around you? It's because you are
so much like him. And sadly… you
are not him." – Zha Mei Le

The Plot:

It all started when Zha Mei Le
was just a little girl; she was
care free and not really bright.
She overheard her parents
agreeing to a divorce and
deciding which child should stay with who, both of them didn't
want Mei Le, so Mei Le decided
to change that. She started
doing her best at everything,
being well behaved, caring,
obedient and even smart! She's a jack of all trade. She had tons of
everyone enjoyed to be with her
at work, and her boss just
admired her hard work. That's
how she even met her boyfriend
Han Yi Feng; through her kind and caring soul, even his family
loved her.. except his brother,
Han Yi Lie. Kind hearted Mei Le,
was just doing a favor that her
boyfriend asked: to pick Yi Lie at
the airport, and right from the start, the two of them disliked
each other. But on the other
hand, Mei Le was also trying
really hard to fulfill her
boyfriend's dream of owning a
bakery. But when she finds out the her relationship with Yi Feng,
isn't as pure as she thought it
was, she finds her self with his
brother! See how this drama
unfolds, when things begin to
heat up!

My thoughts:

It started out okay. Just as what I would always want a romcom series
to be. I had my moments with this series. It's obviously because of
Mike He that I especially picked this one, it's not that I don't like
Cyndi Wang, i have a watched a couple of her series too mind you. And
eventhough she's annoying to watch there is just this charm she's got
that makes you want to see her more. She may not be the best actress
but she can play the "just right" emotions an actress needs. On the
other hand, i haven't watched all of Mike He's project so, so far,
i've only see him more human here though sometimes his acting here
went a little off. But i think it was all right because he is made to
be coldblooded here so crash that out. The crying scenes can really
get into you, it's going to really break your heart seeing that after
all that they've been through especially that part when he was saying
something to Mei Le on the video Things started to pick up
interesting changes at Episode 6/7 so if you think this is just a
typical boring one i would want you to stick around longer. With more
or less 1-2% ratings, I honestly say this series was being underrated.

Spoiler alert:

can i just say this? I'm really annoyed everytime one lead gets a
serious illness that may cause death why do they always want to break
up with the other one? Are they crazy? If it was me, i'll definitely
be honest with my partner. Like . .Hello?! I'm dying soon so why would
i waste time suffer a heartbreak that's totally not necessary??
Instead of breaking up i think i'll do my best to make out the best of
everything like living each day with my other half or something as
long as i live. But in the end, maybe i can only say that because i
haven't experienced it yet. Loving someone unconditionally. So i have
to say, Love really keeps on going. :)

The ending wasn't hanging at all. He made it out of that little room
right? What made me certain was that when his mom said he doesn't want
people to make him wait. Certainly a dead person won't be like that


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