Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Getting NBI Clearance in Cebu

First thing's first. Log on to: http://www.nbi.gov.ph
and fill up your application online, then print it and take it to the
Or you can just apply one there or have somebody outside the bureau to
fill and print it for you. There's a lot outside NBI. You need to pay
P30 to them though. You just need a valid ID. You just have to dictate
them on what to write, of course. After that you can proceed if it
isn't cut off time yet. Or better yet, like what I did, I went there
the next day at 3:30am and have my priority number, which is #72. At
6am, they will start serving. It's pretty fast actually, than the
previous steps. Like, few years ago, some time in 2011. I went there
at 6am and got served at 2pm and got my clearance at around 5pm. So,
anyway, back to the steps, at 6am, they will start serving priority #s
1-50(batch 1, God knows what time #s 1-10 went there.) and so on, and
so on. It's pretty quick, like less than 20 minutes. Step 1 would be
to pay. Work Abroad/Local clearances costs P115. Better to go there
with the right amount, they might have not change if you give them big
bills. Get your ID and application form ready to avoid delays. Step 2,
get your ID and receipt ready, would be the
biometrics/fingerprinting/picture taking. You have to wait again for
like 20minutes before you get to do those. Step 3 and last, if you
aren't on HIT LIST(pretty much those who have common names or those
who have cases get on the list, so it takes about 3-7 days before you
can get your clearance since they will refer it to NBI Manila. But if
you're lucky like me, who isn't on the hit list, you will get your
clearance after step 2. All in all, they start serving at 6am and I
got my clearance at 7:10am. No sweat. But I was really sleepy while
waiting, good thing they have chairs.