Sunday, May 26, 2013


Credit goes to rebel_chiq of pD originaLLy its a taglish story but im
translating it to english so that everybody can understand :)

A girl was waiting for her boyfriend... On the first day, she sent a
message to the guy saying, "miss you na! what time r u c0ming?" She's
waiting for the reply.. but the guy didn't reply. Second message: "I
texted you earlier, why arent u replying?... what time r u c0ming?! I
need your answer asap..." She waited for 5 hours, she still didnt get
any reply... She got mad, turned off her CP and said, "I will not
open this cellphone unless he will c0me here.." After a few minutes,
the girl fell asleep... Second day, she's still waiting for her
boyfriend. She'll miscall her bf's ph0ne then drop the call. She told
herself, "Does he love me pa ba?!" He Knows that when she is
miscalling him.. She's expecting that the boy will call him back..
until its evening and no one came, no one called.. her CP still off...
Third day, she's still waiting. Miscalled to her bf again. After a few
hours, the phone rung... She answered it quickly... "Hello" On the
second line, "Hon, I love you very much.." out of the blue it went to
busy line. She got really really mad sits d0wn & watched t.v. After a
few minutes, someb0dy kn0cked. She stood quickly and opened the door.
She opened the door. She was surprised when she saw her bf standing at
the door. With good looks, white long sleeves and white pants... The
guy said, "Come with me... Let me make it up to u..." She answered,
"Wait, I'll just..." "Come let's go..." After a few minutes, they're
on some place. Theyre at the guy's h0use.. She got nerv0us.. She's
asking.. what happened?..Why is it there a lot of people.. and a red
light.. What's that?... (she stopped for a while). "Your mom" n0b0dy
replied... The guy only looked at her face... Suddenly s0meb0dy called
her. She's shocked when she saw the guy's mom crying and embraced
her... "Come with me" she th0ught her bf's still behind her. On the
door, she's shocked when she saw a dead person infront of her... She
looks at her back.. but the guy is gone.. where he went, she didnt
kn0w...She didnt see him walk infront of her.. The mother said, "why
is it that u only came t0day? Yesterday ive been texting & calling u!
But ur ph0nes off .. She opened her CP and sat for a while and read
the messages... There are 5 unread messages... She opened the first
message... "Hija, my son is now 50/50. Come here, he needs you..." The
second message: "Please come here or reply... He needs u now.." Third
message: "My son is on comatose... Can you visit him now?... You're
his strength.." Fourth message: "Hija, my son is dead" and then she
cried to think that her love is now gone in her life... She thought
ab0ut what just happened earlier... She's with the guy the past few
hours.. But she kept on thinking.. Until she realized what the guy
meant when he said... "Come let's go"... "pls visit me. .Itz already
my last day of vigil,i'll be buried tom0rr0w ..."


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