Tuesday, September 3, 2013

26 Years Diary


26 Years Diary (Japanese: あなたを忘れない Anata wo Wasurenai; Korean: 너를 잊지 않을거야 Neoreul Ijji Nanheulgeoya; literally "I Won't Forget You") is a biopic that tells the story of Lee Su-hyon's life and death.
The film details the 26-year-old Korean student's experiences in Japan, including going to school and his developing romance with a Japanese student (played by Mākii). He died on January 21, 2001, along with a Japanese photographer, Shiro Sekine, while both were trying to save the life of a man who had fallen onto the tracks at the Shin-Ōkubo Station in Tokyo.

honestly, i got so bored with the story until it reaches the part where he got hit by a car and those japanese were twisting the story. how much do i hate that he had to die because of that drunk(?) guy? i mean he could have just let that guy get hit by the train right? he could've saved a lot of people if he hadn't die from that incident.


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