Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I've Got Your Number

"Once you've started
cheating, does it matter what your methods are?" - Poppy Wyatt

I read this book because:
1. I fell in love with Sophie Kinsella the moment i've read "Can You
Keep a Secret?".
2. I've read MANY positive reviews about this.

I will never forget Mr. Yamasaki or Single Ladies ever again. Lol.
I came to a point where i hated Poppy's "helping" churvas, but that
didn't take up too much time because everything went well afterwards.
And how much do i love their texting churvas? That's a bit realistic right?
i also happen to love the Magnum drama. And the text brigades on the
wedding day. I find it really thoughtful if not sweet. :)

Overall, i can actually say that i love this book. It took me only a
few days to finish this one, i could have did it in one sitting if i
hadn't got anything to do. :)

Once again, thank you for such an awesome read Sophie Kinsella. <3


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