Friday, June 14, 2013

The Undomestic Goddess

"But the truth is I need help." - Samantha Sweeting

Just lol. A lawyer who doesn't even know how to sew button turned into
a housekeeper along the way. Just LOL. I couldn't help but snort when
poor Mr. Geiger asked for her specialty.

Also, how much do i love the first time Nathaniel arrived at the doorstep.

Whenever there's a coming visitor, i also feel restless like what if
they will recognize Samantha?

I also came to the part where i hated Samantha. I mean she's the BEST
lawyer in town how come she gets to remember important things too
late? Goodness! Okay, i need to calm down. @_@

when everything got exposed i couldn't help but snort with laughter.

only one question left in mind.

How would HE take it?

And when i turned the last page after everything that's happened all i
could say was. .


That's it?

I need to flip the other page just in case Kinsella is kidding me.


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