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kwentong horror: 7th Floor

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By eris29
Date: 2008-11-04
Country: Philippines

Way back 2007, I worked at the 7th Floor, MCC Steel Corporation as a
Purchasing Assistant for about a week. Since the building is very old,
I have heard so many stories about the ghost who haunts the whole
department. On the third day of my work, during lunchtime I went to
the Comfort Room, it was big and it has 4 cubicles. I chose the fourth
cubicle. The moment I closed the door, I heard a FLUSH coming from the
first cubicle.

It was really weird because I haven't seen anyone who entered the CR
with me. Besides, if someone entered right after me, I would hear the
door opens because it was really heavy. So, I went out and checked the
first cubicle and no one was there, the scary part was, when I saw the
water from the toilet bowl drained down like if someone FLUSHED the
toilet. It scared the hell out of me and I ran as fast as I could.
After that incident, I never went to the Comfort Room on that floor.
This was one of the reasons why I quit the job.

My officemates told me that the 7th floor specially the Comfort Room
was haunted by a ghost lady. Some employees including me saw a blood
on the water tank. Even the reliance of the building was scared every
time she went to the 7th floor and cleans the whole area. She said
that she heard so many things and you would have a very eerie feeling
when you're alone on that floor, even daytime. We were not really sure
what is the reason behind all the haunting. All I know is I don't want
to go back there!

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