Friday, July 19, 2013

Why Why Love?

"..when there
are no hopes, then there will be no disappointments." - Tong Jia Di

Yes! Another Mike He Jun Xiang - Rainie Yang Cheng Lin series for me.
I watched this two times already. It still gave me the kilig factor as
always. But then through the years i still hate the part where Hou Da
got sick it really wasn't necessary show. To tell you the truth. But
then yeah well you want to show the people the softer side of their
dad so be it. -_-

Judy forgive me for telling you this. I got so distracted by your
hairstyles. I wanted to cry out during those heartwrenching moments
but then, . . . Never mind. Just sue your hairstylist here. :)


Tong Jia Di needs a life besides
work, paying down family debt,
and more work. So her best
friend Jiang Xiao Nan sneaks in a
"Love" coupon in Jia Di's raffle
box praying that the lucky guy who draws it will sweep Jia Di off
her feet. As it so happens, Huo
Yan, the compassionate manager
Jia Di has secret crush on, is the
lucky guy. But, tho' the prince
can exchange the coupon for Cinderella's love, it doesn't mean
he will, especially when his devilish
younger brother is determined to
exchange his "Master/Angel"
coupon for her servitude.


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