Sunday, August 4, 2013

Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie

"True love is beating you over the head to get your attention, and
you're rejecting it because you don't want to believe. You have the
fairy tale right in front of you--" - Bonnie

This book got me at chapter 2 :)
It's pretty amusing that Cal picked Min, Roger picked Bonnie and Tony
picked Liza. It's perfect already that it saddened me a bit when a
pair of the trio backed down because they just won't work out. Krispy
Kreme Doughnuts. I guess i'll indulge on that one of these days.

i loved how Min and Cal evolves throughout the book. And how much do i
owe this book for having me google what Dyslexia is?

If there's one favorite that i get to pick it would be Liza. She is
really the best of all them. She's just like that bunny slippers Cal
gave Min. Fuzzy and warm. :)

all in all this book is a fun and sexy read,
this is the kind of book that i'll stack on the bookshelf and pick it
out one of these coming days, weeks, months or maybe years that i'll
read again from front to back, who knows.

and yes, have you also wondered what happens after happily ever after?
Because I do. I really do. :)


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