Saturday, August 24, 2013

Wallbanger by Alice Clayton

"He was wooing me. And I was
letting him woo. I wanted the woo. I deserved the woo. I needed the
wow that would surely follow the woo, but for now, the woo? It was
whoa." - Caroline

One hot fun sexy and lighthearted book with a hateful neighbor to
friends to lovers story inside. Give
me time to fan my self and cool off.
If i were to rate this from 1-5 i'll
wholeheartedly give 10 HUGE stars. how come Grey gets all the glory?

Fell in love with Simon "Wallbanger" Parker eversince he banged the
wall and dropped the frame. LoL. i'm surely gonna miss Pink Nightie Girl and
Wallbanger and hoohah and the wang. ;)


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