Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Sad Goodbye

credits: orig author

This story happened around 1996, few
months before I migrated here
in NJ. While waiting for my visa, I
decided to go back to school
and took a quick computer
course, and there I met Leo,
(not his real name) he was
really nice & friendly and we became the best of friends
almost instantly, he was so
fond of me, he said I reminded
him of his girlfriend who was in
another city taking up nursing,
they didn't get to spend much time together because of their
conflicting schedules, they were
only able to see each other once
a month. I've realized how much
he loved his girlfriend because
she is all he could think of and was always our topic of
conversation, he shared all his
plans for their future with me
even his plan of marriage
proposal, he planned to do it on
her 21st birthday. Then one day, I woke up really
early, I think it was around
4:30am and the very first thing
that came to my mind was him. I
didn't pay any attention to it
and tried to go back to sleep but every time I closed my eyes
I would see his face, I was like,
this is weird! I was able to go
back to sleep but woke up late,
around 7:20, my Class was
starting at 8am so I hurried up and took a quick shower and
while in the shower I was seeing
his face again! It started to
bother me! I was on my way to class when I
saw him, I thought his face was
blurry but I still could see his
eyes for some reason... He
passed me and kept going down
the stairs without saying a word, I asked him where he was
going and that we are already
late but no reply. I went to the classroom and it
was unusually quite! Everybody
was there except for him and
the teacher so I went to my seat
and waited, when the teacher
came, he announced that Leo's was gone: (he was found by his
dad hanging from the ceiling, in
his room around 6:00AM. All I could think was, am I
dreaming? I just saw him! This
couldn't be real! That night, I went to the wake
with some of our classmates, I
found out from his sister that
he hung himself because his
girlfriend left him for another
guy and that the girlfriend was seeing the guy for 10 months
already before she decided to
break it off with him. I also found out that he actually
passed away around 4:30AM,
the very same time that I woke
up that morning thinking of


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