Sunday, March 3, 2013

Knock on Wood Goes Horror

Credits: orig author

Hi my name is Jen and I live in manila
Philippines. I'm now 22 years
old living with my boyfriend.
Anyway, this is a real story
that actually happened to me
when I was staying in our house at the province. This
experience happened to me
when I was 12 years old right
after my grandfather died.
My grandfather died of a heart
attack and the whole family was in shock. Well, as for me I
was only 12 and I didn't
actually have a close bond
with my grand dad back when
he was alive so I never
actually paid too much attention to his death. Well,
before his funeral we offered a
mass and a small gathering to
pay our respects. We
celebrated it in a small chapel
with his casket opened in the front of the chapel. Each one of
the family members would
come up to the casket to see
my grandfather for the last
time and say their goodbyes.
Everyone had come to the casket so it was my turn
(Filipino children are not
actually scared of dead
bodies). I had this habit of
knocking into every wooden
surfaces that had touched my hands. Anyway, while I was
looking at my grand dad while I
was up at the casket I was
knocking at it with a beat like
1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-3.
Then after like 3 minutes my aunt had noticed what I was
doing. So she shouted at me
and pinched me and told me
this old Filipino superstition
that when you knock at the
casket of a dead body he will come at your doorstep and
knock at your door. Well, I
never actually paid too much
attention to what my aunt had
said and continued playing.
When we got back to our house with one of my cousins
and my parents it was already
around 10 PM. My parents had
go to sleep early because
they were so tired. So my
cousin and I decided to watch TV. And that's when things
started to happen.
At first we were hearing loud
sounds coming from outside,
but we didn't pay much
attention to it so we just continued watching. Then I got
really scared when the lights
and TV went on and off. And
freaky thing is that it had a
pattern, like my knock
1-2-3,1-2-3. For about three minutes this
continued and I felt really
scared and so did my cousin.
And the scariest was after the
flickering stopped someone
knocked on our door with the sound exactly as what my
knocks at the casket sound...
1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-3. Though I
was really scared I got the
courage to stand up and look
out the window to see who it was.
With my cousin next to me we
slowly went to the window and
checked. Then what I saw was
something I will never forget.
It was an old man wearing a black suit. His back was turned
so I didn't actually see his
face, but I knew this wasn't my
grand father. So I was scared
and when I pushed my face at
the window the man vanished right in front of me.
My cousin and I cried and ran
to my parents room and told
them what happened. Well,
they didn't believe us and just
told us to go to sleep. After that night I prayed and asked
that whoever that guy was I
hope he would leave me alone.
Could it be possible that other
spirits heard me knocking back
at the burial?


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