Sunday, March 3, 2013


it's funny when certain events in our lives
occur and we blame it all to
bad luck. What's funnier is the
things that we do to counter
the flow of bad energy that
causes these so called bad luck or bad events. At least at
that time I thought it was
funny, until my friend shared
her unlikely experience. This story is about my friend
and her scary jeepney ride
going home. For those of you
who don't know what jeepneys
are, they are a popular means
of public transportation in the Philippines. They were
originally made from US
military jeeps left over from
World War II and are well
known for their flamboyant
decoration and crowded seating. My friend went home late after
finishing their school project,
now since she lives within the
vicinity of the U.P. Diliman
campus (University of the
Philippines) it was perfectly safe for her to take the
jeepney instead of taking a
taxi in going home during late
hours. It was about midnight
when she took the ride home,
and she could not help but notice the driver kept glancing
at her through his rear view
mirror and then he would turn
to her. (Now all jeepneys have
their own route and do not
take any turns and they have to stick to their route or else
there is a big chance that they
would run into some cop
trouble). What's odd about this
jeepney ride besides the
eerie glances that the driver gave from time to time, he was
also taking turns in corners
that he was not suppose to.
Afraid of what the drivers
plans are, she was even more
afraid of her surroundings because it seemed as if she
was in the middle of nowhere
already. So instead of going
down, she just stayed on the
jeep. On the last turn that the
driver made, she noticed that they were back on the route
that they were suppose to be
in the first place. Before reaching the end of the
terminal, the driver turned to
my friend and said, "Im sorry if
I scared you or startled you! It
was not my intention".. "Could
you do me a favor and BURN all your clothes when you get
home".. Wondering why my
friend asked why he was
acting very strange. The
driver explained, "The reason
why I kept glancing was because your head was not
attached to your body when I
looked through my rear view
mirror." "That is why I changed
my route awhile ago, hoping
we could get away from the bad energy present in that
area, and thats why I want you
to BURN your clothes when
you get home because I think
its still with you." Upon arriving home, still
shaking from fear, my friend
took all her clothes off and
burned them as quickly as she
could. A few days later she
found out on the news that the jeepney driver died a day
after the incident. It turned out
the warning was not for her but
for the driver.

*credits to the orig author


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