Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Another tragic story. .


Credits: rebelchiq of pD
NOTE: It was originally written to filipin0,i just translated it a bit

Stephen at Emma are highschool sweethearts &still goin strong
They have been into lots of difficulties in a relationship but they
never gave up with each other.
Just one m0re year to wait & they will soon tie the kn0ts.

Then their 5th anniversary came up and they decided to go out,all went well
they were both happy ,soon they decided to call it a night & head h0me
Stephen will drop Emma first at antipolo.So its around 2am in the
morning and they're still strolling along libis to Antipolo
on stephen's m0t0rbike/cycle.
Emma noticed her bf is driving to0 fast.

Emma: Baby, your going so fast, im afraid we'll meet an accident
Stephen: Babe dont be scared ok? Ur safe with me,just hold on tight,
its Fun!

Stephen didnt slow d0wn and maintained the same speed, so Emma's n0w
really scared

Emma: Baby please ,your scaring me,,pls slowdown,,
Stephen: No babe,everything will be alright, d0nt be afraid,im here,
just hold on me tight and wear my helmet ,im having a hard time while
wearing this thing
so Emma was a bit relieved & wore the helmet

the day after that, an accident around Libis was spread on the news
a m0torcycle crashed on a post the casualties ?. .A girl & a guy
right,it was Stephen at Emma.
They were rushed to the Hospital. Emma just g0t bruises & w0unds but
still she fainted.While Stephen,is dead on arrival.

When Emma w0ke up,she cant accept the fact thatStephen is dead,
they just have to wait one m0re year & their wedding will take place already.

Up til the last day theyre together,Stephen proved to Emma how much he
loves & protect her becoz that night,when theyre about to g0 h0me
Stephen noticed the motor's break is n0t functi0ning.They lost
c0ntrol.But he didnt let Emma kn0w becoz he kn0ws she'll be afraid. So
he let Emma wear his helmet
just in case they will meet an accident her gf will be safe and saved.
So he sacrificed his life for his dearly beloved girlfriend
THE END! ='c


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