Thursday, February 21, 2013

are you in for a fright night?

For the record, I'm not telling you that these movies are REALLY
scary. It just that it did gave me creeps and yea, i screamed a
little. Just. . once. -_-'

Grave Encounters

"They were searching for
proof... they found it."

Plot Summary

For their ghost hunting reality
show, a production crew
locks themselves inside an
abandoned mental hospital
that's supposedly haunted -
and it might prove to be all too true.

The Healing

"Some Things are Never Meant
To Happen."

I couldn't find a plot where there's no spoiler. So . . Spoiler awaits.

One Missed Call & it's successors

I couldn't find a plot where there's no spoiler. So . . Spoiler awaits.

if i'm not mistaken . . There's 2 and Final. :)

though you won't get lost in the story if you haven't seen the others.

Final Destination & it's successors

"Most people have dreams.
For Alex, this is real."

Plot Summary

After a teenager has a
terrifying vision of him and his
friends dying in a plane crash,
he prevents the accident
only to have Death hunt
them down, one by one.

There's 5 movies of this as of now.
It's not your usual horror story, i must say.

The Exorcist

"The movie you've been waiting for...without the wait."

Plot Summary

When a teenage girl is
possessed by a mysterious
entity, her mother seeks the
help of two priests to save
her daughter.

It's not scary "scary". Though you can't help feeling goosebumps while
watching this. You get what i'm trying to say?
Stay away if you're a fan of those 80minutes gore stuffs from start
to finish kind of movies. You'll find this slow.

This is the second time i'm recommending a movie. You must have
noticed by the now that I don't give much information or review based
on my own opinion.
Well, aside from the links i've been giving you. I don't know. I just
don't like spoiling people. That would ruin a good watch. When i watch
a movie, i don't base it on a review. I base it on the plot. :)

after watching it. .
let me know what you think. . ^_^


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