Sunday, February 24, 2013

Croconight!! @_@

I had a very weird dream. All I remember was that I got on a bus like.
Glass windowed thing and we went down on a lake or sea or something.
No we didn't crash. It was like a tour. Their were 3 of us who's a
first timer. As the driver drove our way when we saw crocodiles by the
window everyone ducked so i ducked too. This other 2 first timer were
so excited that they didn't duck so i hissed at them they ducked
eventually. Nothing weird happen. Next part of my dream was that i was
in a place, it's like a hotel i bet. We were talking about crocs.
Then the one i was talking to left me i was alone. Suddenly there was
a crocodile just below the sink where i was standing no it didn't bit
me. I didn't mind it. It's weird because he just turned into somewhat
a crocodile man. And he said "I smelled a human." He grabbed me and i
run. There were a lot of people in the hotel but it only chased me. It
said something like he like my smell. We just ran and ran around.
Everytime he grabbed me he wouldn't bite he would just hold it for
awhile. Creepy! @_@ i would just ran again whenever i can. Then. I
woke up panting like hell.


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