Wednesday, February 20, 2013

can't take my eyes off you ¦ )

these are my asian crushes. .

I don't know, i like foreign guys but then i prefer these asian men.

to top it off. .

there's Xian Lim, 24, Philippines.
he's from my country.

i saw him in person already he pretty looks much the same in person. I
was squealing like an 8 year old girl when the float that he was on
passed by us. :)

Then, there's Mike He,30.
He's from Taiwan.
I saw him first in Devil Beside You and that's when i started to like him.
He is my ultimate crush ever! <3

There's Kim Hyun Joong,27.
i first saw him in Boys over Flower.
But then i didn't take much notice to him since i was so engrossed
with Lee Min Ho.. But then, when i watched his We Got Married (a
reality show to which he took part) aww. . I was smitten right then
and there. He was cute, caring, sweet and sincere. :)

and ohlala!
There's Mario Maurer, 25.
He's from Thailand.
isn't he just cute? :)
I saw him in Crazy Little Thing Called Love. I'm not really much into
him because a friend of mine is inlove with him. So that's like
bitchenary if i'll like him too. Lol.

and last but totally not the least.
Jun Matsumoto, 30.
He's from Japan.
he's a member of a band called Arashi.
Saw him first in Hana Yori Dango.
he's not that cute and handsome but there's something in him that
makes me like him.
i don't even know which part of him. Lol.

There are still a lot of guys that i like in the showbiz world but
these 5 tops them all.

how bout you?

who do you like? ^_^


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