Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I miss the hugs & the kisses i used to av0id whenever you caught me,
i miss the yellings you used to do to make me eat the slimiest veggie in town.
i miss the tears that fell from your eyes whenever you spank me
because of my mischiefs
i miss the way you wake me up when i have a nightmare
i miss the way you make me sit on your lap when we go to far places
i miss the way you laugh at my silliest jokes & dance m0ves
i miss the way you smile when i get high grades at school
i miss the way you grumble when i ask something from you and then the
next day its already there
i miss the way you comb my hair even when i hate it
i miss the way you tell me stories and sing for me even when your offkey
i miss you telling me the most beautiful girl in the world.
i miss everything about you mama
you left me so early and make me get jealous of th0se people who still
have theirs. .
Why d0es it have to be you?
I love you and I miss you.
I really do.


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