Monday, February 25, 2013

[my fb entry] GOODBYE 2012! HELLO 2013! ^_^

How did my 2012 start? I think it was okay. I don't remember much -_-'
2012 was just the same boring years that I had back then. Though this
year I was able to wear a cocktail dress which was given to me by
cherry. Man, i tell you i'm not that girly girly type of girl or not
the type that wears dresses. But since we're gonna have dinner at a
fancy hotel I wore that with a high heeled shoes. It was ok. I'm not
into dresses but i can wear high heels. I could even run with them on.
^_^ but the sad thing is while we were at the main lobby entrance i
saw this canine and i found the dog cute. So i was about to pat his
head when he growled at me YIKES! bam! I fell down on my knees. That
was so so so EMBARRASSING. O_O
anyways act like nothing happened. Oh after dinner. We were told that
Gabby was there too and have a miniconcert thing. He passed by us and
we were late they walked too fast! We stayed there and watched and
Cherry kept on forcing me to go onstage and have a duet with him. I
didn't. But auntie had the time of her life.^_^ we went clubbing that
night but we had to go home early because kristeen was sleepy already.

I was able to go to BORACAY v^___^v and Manila >__<
I was taken by my aunt and uncle along with my two cousins Don and
Cherry and with ate Sandy. Bora was fun :) we had water adventures
like Banana Boating, which was too slow because Cheche kept on
panicking when they gear up @__@
we drank til we drop there. I knew many drinks' name, like, b52, sex
on the beach, sex orgasm, mojito that i used to read as it is spelled,
and 6 shooter. People from their said that if you survived the 6
shooter you survived Boracay. I had 2, Cherry had 2, ate Sandy had 2.
. So that wasn't counted. Oh yeah we stayed at the Monaca Suites,
there's this dolphin shaped infinity pool that was 5'something deep
and i can't even swim so i was only at the sides or by the steps lol
-_-' but i love the jacuzzi. i'll go back to boracay soon and drink
that 6 shooter with pride and dignity! ^__^ Then we went to Manila
after 3 days and 2 nights in bora(was that right?I think so) We stayed
at Hotel H20 in Pasay. The wall there was a giant aquarium so nice!
^_^ but i don't like their CR you can be seen in there. I'm used to
restrooms that are "secured". >_<'v. Then we went to MOA(outside that
is) wow! It's so big. I think i'm gonna get lost in there. Then me and
che went to grab a drink near there that's named BAUD i think. We had
Tanduay Ice. It wasn't that much of fun since it was just the two of
us. But the taxi ride back to the hotel was fun. Lol taxis there are
the worst. Good thing I don't much have the strong Bisaya accent or
else we're doomed. We also went to Glorietta 4 or 3? Not sure. Them we
had snack and early supper at the Dillingers..or i thought the name's
something like that. ^_^ anyways they went to malaysia after that and
i came back to cebu alone.

I had to make a little drama at the airport because i didn't bring my
i'd with me. I didn't even bring my phone. I lied about it and told
the lady there that i think i lost my wallet and phone back in the
grandstand. Since that time was Chinese new year and they had a
concert there. So i got in. I think she believed me ^_^v
at the plane, the guy on the next seat was so i don't know the term.
He was using his phone while we were nowhere in the sky. He was
listening to the radio.I'm pretty sure it was his first time coz he
asked me how to buckle and unbuckle his seatbelt. It was early morning
the sun just rise. It was too bright so i pulled the window down. I
was by the window he's in the middle. I tried to get some sleep. Oh my
gosh this guy. He pulled up the window. >__< some respect here buddy!
Anyways i got home safe and sound. :)

We went island hopping around Mactan too. We went to 3+1 islands. :)
it was so fun :) i swam with a life vest. That's a first ^_^v

and i also saw Bea and John Lloyd in person at SM. Mateo and papa chen
at the metro. :)

Midway nothing much happened. Oh i worked for a week and a day. I
walked out of a job. Lol ^__^

i had been able to go to Alcoy and Dalaguete too. I love Alcoy, it's
peaceful there and i love the beach there. Yea i have a fetish for
BEACHES eventhough i don't know how to swim. -_-

my birthday was fine i guess. i had cake and ice cream. And i
celebrated it earlier with some friends. That was fun :)

now. For the finale, i don't think every fun i had during january to
november was being taken away. Somebody's trying to make my life
miserable. I almost killed my self because of him and the pressures i
got from somebody who's dear to him and dear to me too. But i'm not
gonna spout nonsense here. It's not yet over though i'm starting to
move on and pick myself up. I know that somehow someday the truth will
prevail. I'm gonna hold on to that. As 2012 ends in less than 2 hours
all the grudges and the pain that i felt will also end. I'll throw it
in one corner along with the 2012 calendar. I realized that even
though she hurt me a lot. She also was a part of the once in a
lifetime experience i had early this year. ^_^v

but as for the other one. No, sorry i won't be able to forgive you
again. One is enough two is too much buddy.




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