Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Babysitter

Credits: orig author

This story happened in New
A 15 year old girl was
babysitting her little sister
while her parents
went out to a party. She sent
her sister off to bed around
9:30 while she stayed
up to watch her favorite
T.V. show. She sat in her
recliner with a blanket and
watched until it went off at
around 10:30, after it went
off she turned around
in her seat to face the big
glass door and watch the
snow fall. She sat there
for about 5 minutes or so
when she noticed a strange
man walking toward the
glass from outside. She sat
there staring as he stared at
her back. He started
to pull a shiny object out
from his coat. Thinking it
was a knife she
immediately pulled the covers
over her head. After about 10
minutes she removed the
covers and saw that he was
gone. She then called 911 and
they rushed over.
They examined outside for
any footprints in the snow,
but there were none to be
found. Two cops walked into
her house to tell her the bad
news and they noticed a trail
of big wet footprints leading
up to the chair where she
was sitting.
The cops came to their
conclusion and immediately
told the girl she was very
lucky because the man she
saw staring at her was not
standing outside, but he
was standing behind her and
what she saw was his


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